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Our allrounder

Nonwovens today find their employment within many industries. They can be produced as desired and as a result obtain the required properties for the special area of application and utilisation of the customers.

Acoustic Isolation

CARUSO nonwovens, amongst others, serve as highly efficient acoustic systems. Defined, thermally bonded fibre structures made from 100% polyester achieve outstanding sound absorption values with low net weight and high inherent rigidity.

Thermal insulation

CARUSO-ISO-BOND is an ecological insulating material made from 100 % polyester, flame-resistant, construction material certified and containing no chemicals. The improvement of the values with thermal insulation and the problem-free processing are appreciated by our customers.


Almost every moulded part of the automobile – relevant for both the interior and also the exterior – can be produced on the basis of polyester nonwovens and felts. Our nonwovens are designed and produced homogeneously, so that the furnishings are recyclable without restrictions.


We offer filters made form polyester fibre with various filter classes. They are universally deployable through their high air permeability, a low moisture absorption and UV stability.

Soft furnishings

Our polyester nonwovens, with high volume and good resilience, find their perfect application in furniture production. Designed to be from casual to close fitting, they are indispensable for the shaping of furniture.