Foam materials – universally deployable


Foam materials

universally deployable

Polyurethane foam materials have outstanding permanently elastic properties. According to customer wishes their result specially tailored moulds and ready-made parts, which can be employed in the most varied sectors. Our second business sector, together with our nonwovens, leads to synergies with the customers.


The most-modern, CNC-controlled manufacturing plants guarantee an efficient processing of polyurethane foams. Individually or in combination, amongst others, they find their application in the automotive industry.

Home textiles

Upholstered furniture, garden furniture, child safety seats, prams – the areas of application of polyurethane foam materials are manifold. Symbioses together with our fleeces and felts yield a vast number of possibilities.


Polyurethane foam materials offer an optimum, no scratching protection for articles of all types on their transport path – no matter whether it is sheet products or CNC-cut components. Through their flexibility they nestle virtually ideally to the products.